Sydney and surrounds

White pink and natural yellow - Preserved flower arrangements

Pink, white and natural yellow is a great combination that brighten up your home so why not taking them with you?! Our arrangement will include either dried or preserved flowers and foliage with high quality and pastel colours.

    This product is available in 2 sizes:

    Medium: about 30 - 35 cm W x H

    Large: about 40 - 45 cm W x H

    The image indicates a large arrangement.

      Preserved flowers can last at least 1 year and even last longer with appropriate care. Try to avoid direct sunlight and moisture to the flowers. You can remove the dust by using cold hair dryer in low speed.

      Please note: All images are for reference. The actual product will be beautiful yet might be slightly different to the images (due to the availability of the materials in the market).